Friday, May 27, 2005

Domain name problems

You might be having trouble with the links on my web pages. Here's why.

Three years ago I purchased, and through Network Solutions. Each of these domains is redirected to other sites. The idea is that these URLs might be more stable than the URLs on the servers that host them, so I'll be able to move the site later if necessary. I am in the process of moving the "hosting" of these sites to directNIC. I switched because Network Solutions charges three times as much, but the immediate trigger was when the Network Solutions servers went down for a few hours last week. I did a bit of research, and directNIC comes highly recommended. I asked them before switching whether there was any way for redirection to continue uninterrupted, and was given the following reply: "The current hosting settings of the domains will not change as the domains transfer over." This turns out not to be true, so was down for a few hours today, and the others will probably go down soon. I've changed the links on my most active pages, but I can't change them all, so if you are having trouble, here's the key: currently goes to currently goes to currently goes to

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dataviz and baby names

Yun Choi told me about a great site, the "Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager, which makes good use of Java to present statistics on (American) baby names. I was most surprised at how much the names I consider common (such as Janet, Linda, Nancy, Diane Bob and Steve) have declined in popularity and how rarely foreign names are given to children born here.