Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sharing information -- I'm grateful for tips on Roomba repair.

We got a Roomba (robot vacuum cleaner) about six months ago. It does a remarkably good job of cleaning and it's very entertaining (a bit like I imagine having a pet trilobite might be) but I'm discovering that it's not a lot less work because it requires much more maintenance than our vacuum cleaner. This is where the power of blogs comes in (see my previous post). After opening it up for (necessary, not scheduled) cleaning, I found that I could not get it back together! The reason turned out to be lint/dust/hair packed tight into the brass hole of a removable cap. This I removed with my awl on my pocket knife, but only after convincing myself by reading "Kevin's blog," what the problem was. I could not find information with nearly so much useful detail in anything that came with the Roomba or on the irobot web page. I guess the point is that blogs are great. Given powerful search tools, we can all provide each other with useful information without having to put a lot of effort into structuring that information ahead of time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem with my Roomba. I was about to purchase a new one, when I found this site, which sells all kinds of robots. The good thing is, they also offer a Roomba repair service! ( I think they are the only one offering this?) It took about two weeks, from the moment I sent my broken Roomba to, to the moment a received it back ! Highly recommended service for someone like me who does not to try to repair the Roomba by myself .. :)

24/3/06 14:47  
Blogger Dennis said...

I have a roomba and when we first started using it, it worked great and it always had alot of dust lint and other things in there. Now aftyer a few months I changede the screen and it seems not to be working right,I put it back the same way that I took it apart. Any help out there
e mail is

12/5/06 08:46  
Anonymous remmie111 said...

glad to find a help post for Roomba. I need help, mine has worked well for a few months but yesterday it backed out of its' dock for scheduled cleaning stopped, indicated it is finished successfully, then does not return., Help!

11/9/07 06:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a company in the US that also repairs roomba models, they carry just about any part or accessory that you may need to complete your own repairs or can repair it for you. their staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. I found them on roombareview last year and they have continued to expand and have a large customer base. I finally tried their repair service out last month and found it to be affordable and complete.

30/10/07 16:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Roomba Discovery was going around in a small circle and stopping. After replacing the battey didn't help I cleaned the baseboard brush. Remove the small screw (an eyeglass repair kit helps)Clean underneath. My Roomba now runs like a dream. This problem had 2 beeps a space and 2 shorter beeps from the robot. Hope this helps.

9/7/08 04:06  
Blogger Robert said...

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20/11/09 22:05  
Blogger Robert said...

I had a Roomba repaired by PSR Professional Sat. Repair in PA. They lost it..I had to drive 30 miles to pick up because they forgot to put my apt # on it. Still not fixed, had to file a BBB complaint I cannot recommend I am going to try another company.

20/11/09 22:16  
Blogger SheilaP said...

I replaced a damaged brush with a supposedly new & improved style but about 4 or 5 uses later my Roomba has developed the following issue.It goes thru all the motions however there isn't any dirt catching in the catcher but it is collecting alot of lent in the filter area, more than ever before. Have been using it still as at least its doing part of its job but really want to get to the bottom of its issue & correct it! Miss knowing the carpet is free of pet hair etc. & also miss the nice clean look it used to leave on the carpet after being used. Any ideas?? Could the new brush be causing the problem? Thanks! :)

17/3/10 22:10  
Blogger ahmed said...

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12/4/10 06:50  
Blogger Daveyon said...

Remeber that the gear box needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis. A lot of debris enters the gear box causing the gears not to turn properly. If your Roomba does not pick up dirt, you will need to take a look in the gear box of the clean head module.

Daveyon Mayne
Electronics Engineer

9/10/10 10:16  
Blogger Cheryl said...

Love the Roomba too, but what we have found is that in order for the machine to perform better and longer, it has to be clearer out after every use. A bit of a pain, but necessary.

23/3/11 02:21  
Blogger Harry Preston said...

Hi, I fixed my Roomba using a repair kit I bought online.

22/5/11 00:40  

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