Saturday, March 19, 2005

Samsung's obscure menu for text entry

I'm playing with my new phone and one of the first things I wanted to do was send pictures to the real world. The 169 page Samsung a670 user's guide is silent on this subject. Verizon's FAQ page says
Can I send pictures/videos to an e-mail address?
Yes. All you have to do is type the email address on the addressing screen of your picture/video messaging phone.
However, I could not figure out how to add letters to the address field (which is designed for phone numbers). I found the answer online (in a column called "Mobile Tech News") which said
Update: Good news! One of our readers cracked the code on entering an email address via "ABC."

Steve Eschenberg says, "In order to enter an address via "ABC," push the left soft key/option button, scroll down one notch to "123", then hit the right navigation key (next to "OK"). The deal is that you can scroll left to right within the options that you scroll up and down to get to!

This is truly amazing. To get "ABC" I have to select "123" and then activate a menu that is not shown by hitting the right navigation key!

I now have picture taken with my phone on my computer.

Thank you Steve Eschenberg!



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