Saturday, July 01, 2006

Republicans hope to gain by attacking the Constitution and American values!

In response to a recent Supreme Court decision, the Republican's are seeking political advantage by attacking the U.S. Constitution and American values directly. You can't make this stuff up! My source is the Washington Post but it's easy to find examples (Ronald A. Cass on Yahoo!, Slate). The decision is available online at the Supreme Court site (Go to opinions/latest slip opinions for the PDF) and there are objective summaries on wikipedia and NPR. The common theme of right-wing commentary seems to be that George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have greater wisdom than the founding fathers and the principles of freedom that our Constitution embodies. I respect the American people too much to believe that this is going to work. The appeal to security concerns is clearly persuasive with many but ignores the fact that dispensing with the U.S. Constitution and American values because you believe that Bush knows what he's doing is not only dangerous but will ultimately wear pretty thin with those who have sacrificed to protect those things.



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