Sunday, March 20, 2005

"Burned Over" held over off Broadway

Six flights above 8th Ave., off of 47th St., in a building that seemed like a residential building (and probably is) we saw "Burned Over", a thoughtful new play written, produced and performed by a group of twenty-somethings. Timeless religious debates are given life and tied to feminist issues. We see a graduate student writing emails to her major professor juxtaposed with her ancestors living in the same house exchanging letters sealed with wax. Implicit in this play is the important question of who has the right to tell history. The expertise of writer Fortenberry and director Osborne are beautifully exhibited in a soliloquy on Martha and Mary near the end of the play. This is a substantial work. The run has been extended. If you're in New York this week, try to see it.

(written with Janet and posted from Sheila's kitchen with the generous assitance of the anonymously donated NETGEAR wireless service)


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