Friday, June 10, 2005

Yahoo! group on intermittent fasting

I just created a new group on Yahoo! This group, which is simply "fasting," is devoted to intermittent fasting and its effects on physiology and health. I expect that both practitioners of intermittent fasting and scientists with an interest in the physiological effects of intermittent fasting will want to join. The founding members are both practitioners and scientists. We are interested in the idea that intermittent fasting may be a preferable way of obtaining the health benefits associated with caloric restriction (see my post on this topic). Although we are interested in many aspects of fasting, including styles, effects and reasons to fast, this group is not specifically about weight loss, colonics, the purging of toxins or the attainment of spiritual goals.

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Blogger Steve said...

Just an update that I now have a separate blog on intermittent fasting,

3/12/07 12:25  

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